Presentation of the Institut Afrique Monde-Côte d’Ivoire (IAM-CI)

The Institut Afrique Monde-Côte d’Ivoire (IAM-CI) Division was set up in 2014.

Its organization is as follows.

The Managing Direction of the IAM-CI Division is placed under the responsibility of a Division Director appointed by the Board of Directors.

He is assisted in his task by a Deputy Director on the proposal of the Director to the Board of Directors.

The Managing Direction has at its disposal :

  • Secretary under the responsibility of a Secretary assisted by a Deputy Secretary;
  • Treasury under the responsibility of a Treasurer assisted by an Assistant Treasurer;
  • Coordination of Poles in Côte d’Ivoire (CPO-IAM-CI) under the responsibility of the Branch Director. It is an operational entity that takes explicit recommendations from the Orienting Council, focusing on the realities, needs or specificities of the field. Thus :
    • Pole 1: “Education, Innovation & Communication” will comprise two axes:
      • Axis 1: Education, Health, Research, ODD & Innovation
      • Axis 2: Information and Communication Technology and Ethical Issues
    • Pole 2: “International development, public and private governance & financing”.
    • Pole 3: “Art, Culture, Religion – Spirituality, Research & Publishing”.